Road to Relevance equips association leaders – staff and volunteers alike – with five practical strategies for performance in an association environment teeming with unprecedented competition.
Road to Relevance, the complementary companion to Race, doesn’t stop at identifying the strategies. It gives real insight into how to adapt the strategies to your organization’s circumstances so that you can execute. Case studies, adaptable examples, and provocative questions are included throughout Road to help you work through these strategies from adoption to implementation.
Here’s what they are saying about Road to Relevance:
Road to Relevance tells it like it is – what associations need to do to survive in very challenging times. It’s packed with insights and approaches that both staff and volunteers can embrace to succeed in the “new normal.” The result is a road map you can use to lead your association into the future. Mandatory reading. I plan to use the content to develop the program for my next staff retreat.”
Nancy R. Honeycutt, CAE
Executive Director
American Student Dental Association

Road to Relevance is a GPS for association leaders’ journey into a more relevant, competitive future.”
Gary A. LaBranche, ASAE, CAE
President & CEO
Association for Corporate Growth

"Road to Relevance is a must read for every association executive on its way to survive and really serve his or her members. Uncomfortably recognizable in its analysis. Instantly helpful in its tips and thoughts.”
Leo de Boer
Managing Director
Dutch Association of Insurers

When I read Road to Relevance, I stopped every few pages to mention ideas to staff, research what we are doing, or make notes for future thought. After finishing the book, I can’t wait to read it again. It will be a reference book to me.”
Beth Brooks, CAE
President and CEO
Texas Society of Association Executives  

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